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Ship date on the 4rd lot pre-order will be in November !! Welcome to my Fall Collection Meet my newest design "Pumpkin Bowl" This is a long time coming,I have been working on the design since last year and it's feel so good to see it come to life! This pumpkin bowl come with only one scent which is "pumpkin Spice" The warm inviting with the perfect blend between Pumpkin following with spice and I promise you this pumpkin spice candle will smell differrent than any pumpkin spice candle you ever smell before. Dimensions : 12"x12"x3" The size can be slightly different due to hand carving but usually 12W x 13H (with stem) Contain wax approximately 48 oz- 55 oz**** Weight : up to 5 lbs and more ****These Pumpkin Bowl will start shipping out as early as September 1st Please keep in mind my turnaround time is 2 weeks or more depending on the volume of the orders I've received at the time***** Availability Wood : 60 Whitewash : 50 *Pictures has filter on*

Pumpkin Bowl

SKU: PB00001
$65.00 Regular Price
$52.00Sale Price
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