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Happy Friday friends it’s going to be a

my Story

Welcome to White Pine Vintage. My name is Katai Carmen and  I am a stay-at-home mom of two wonderful little girls. I'm from Bangkok, Thailand and have been called PNW home since 2007. I don't know what to expect when i Star this journey i only know that i want to takes both of my girls ( age 4, and 2 ) back to visit thailand all of my side of family are still living there and none of thm have met my daughters. I havn't see my family in 5 years it's just hard that when you are one family income i can't ask my husband for that kinda money because we have a resiponsibilities here so, i know i have to do something and took it in my own hand if i want that to happen so i did i went and start my own business " White pine vintage '

i start with some farmhouse style decor which is i love and candle is my passion i love what i do and i cant wait for the next day to make all the candles and create something beautiful for yoyr home. each scents i create are base on my personal like. you can find my collerction on every season.

My goal is to take them back to thailand to see theirs grand parents i own it to them both my kids and my family and when that day comes i want y'all to know that beacuse of your supports and i'll be forever thankful for this journey.

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