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Bringing it back!!


All time fan fav now are back in stock the rustic cheese mold these are reproduction each one of them have some unique touch and you won't find the same one ever! (The beauty of the handmade) 



- 6x5x2 inches



The Scents that I offers 


- White Pine : Smells just like a fresh cut christmas tree. Fresh citrus adds sparkle to this winter delight of crisp pine needles, sweet fir balsam and warm cedar. 


Wild Fig Refreshing Of Citrus And Soothing Of Botanical With Earthy Elements Of Fresh Green Figs,Currants,Cardamom Blended With Oak Moss,Amber.


Sweet Lemon : A perfect combinations of lemon zest and a touch of citus 


Signature : Fresh and clean similar to clean cotton but more unique


Blue Cedar : A rich blend of blue cedar, amber, bergamot, eucalyptus, with undertones of lavender, lilac, cardamom and cool iris. Like walking through a forest with lavender afoot!


Sangria : Ripe fresh Citrus and grapefruit top notes with  pineapple with some twists.


White Peach : Nothing Smell Better Than A Very luscious and juicy Georgia Peach! It's Simply Southern Charm.


California : A perfect Sunset at the beach a beautiful blends of Tart Yuzu, Lemon Pulp, Italian Mandarin Sea Water Accord, Crisp Driftwood.


Castle Rock : A clean, just like a misty morning at the Pacific Northwest on the coast fragrance with undertones of lavender.


Vashon Island :A mixture of spicy, citrusy and green top notes,smoked tonka , smoked woods,black pepper, clove, saffron, bergamot, orange,patchouli 


Buttercup : This warm and cozy fragrance creates the perfect comforting ambiance anytime of the year. The complexity of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a touch of coconut and almond.


Mango : Perfect Tropical Blends Of Lemon, Green Mango, Sweet Melon , Peach Nectar, Caramelized Sugar 


Summer Herbs : Smell just like a fresh cut herbs right from your garden with a wonderful blends of mint,eucalyptus,rosemary,sweet basil and citrus



Pumpkin Chai : Wonderful noteof pumpkin,cinnamon,oat milk,nutmegwith finish touch of vanilla and clove.


Cashmeare Wood : Cozy, inviting with light earthy bright citrus,amber,sugar and vanilla.


Apple Pie : Hot Apple & Spice Fresh From The Oven with the note of Cinnamon,Butter,Apple and Sugar

Cheese Mold Candle

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